Menopause Management

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy was developed as a natural alternative, matching the body’s composition, for treating hormone imbalances.

Bioidentical means identical to biology, so, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a treatment consisting on the application of supplemental hormones that are chemically and molecularly identical to the hormones found in your body, to achieve proper balance.

In this therapy, hormones are taken from natural sources like soy or wild yam plants or animals like pigs or horses and molecularly manipulated in a laboratory to exactly match yours, making them easier to assimilate and use by the body since it has the right enzymes to classify and metabolize them properly and efficiently thus, lessening side effects.

Bioidentical hormones are tailored to your body; ingredients are mixed in individual doses to meet your specific needs based on your symptoms and are adjusted until your hormones are completely balanced and symptoms disappear.

Osteoporosis Management

Osteoporosis or osteopenia occurs in about 44 million Americans, resulting in 1.5 million fragility fractures per year. The consequences of these fractures include pain, disability, depression, loss of independence, and increased mortality.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that causes no symptoms until a fracture occurs. Any fragility fracture greatly increases the risk of future fractures. Most patients with osteoporosis are not being diagnosed or treated. Even those with previous fractures, who are at extremely high risk of future fractures, are often not being treated. It is preferable to diagnose osteoporosis by bone density testing of high risk individuals before the first fracture occurs. If osteoporosis or low bone density is identified, evaluation for contributing factors should be considered.